Board of Directors

Jeff Finkel
Board Member
Irving Holdings dba Yellow Cab Co.

Vice President


President Yellow Checker Shuttle

Vice President Irving Holdings Inc., managing BusinessExec Sedan, Limousine and Motor Coach Service, Yellow Cab, Checker Cab, Jet Taxi, US Cab, Eagle Cab and Freedom Cab.

Vice President/ Board of Directors Go Airport Shuttle, the largest airport shuttle entity in the United States and the world.

Dallas CVB Transportation Committee

The transportation companies managed by Jeff Finkel and his partner Jack Bewley represent the 3rd largest transportation entity of its type in a metropolitan market in the United States

Jeff is a Graduate of the University of Missouri, BS Business Administration, 1972

1972-1989 Hospital Supply Distribution with McKesson and FoxMeyer. Last position was President of FoxMeyer Hospital Supply, Senior Vice President FoxMeyer Drug Company, a $4.4 billion company

1989 to present President Larsen Beef, President Bourassa Glacial Water U.S. Division, and Irving Holdings and GO Yellow Checker Shuttle Companies and managed transportation companies.

Irving Holdings is currently one of the largest providers of Para Transit Services to Texas Medicaid passengers serving thirty Counties in North Texas.

Jeff and his wife, Bonnie, recently celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary. Their daughter, Kimberly, is a professional photographer starting her own photography business in Austin, TX and is married to Scott Davis. Their daughter, Katie, holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Oklahoma State University and is residing with her husband Josh Wing in Houston, Texas.